Online visibility.

The right web-marketing strategy consists in the combination of three very important factors.

Visibility of your business.

Visibility is a very important factor for a company. You need to let potential customers know your presence in the area, reproducing your brand or communicating a clear and effective message, which can arouse interest and curiosity.

The positioning of a website on search engines comes from the need to “give visibility” to your website through search engines and increase traffic and visitors. Everyone has a desire: to reach the first page of Google with relevant keywords related to the company’s business. And the reason is very simple. According to some recent studies, 96% of users do not search beyond the first page, that’s why and it matters that a website is visible in the top 10 positions.

The pillars of visibility:

1. SEO optimization.

Positioning a website in search engines means being able to obtain a good result in terms of visibility by making sure that the website, for some search keywords or combinations of keywords, is among the first results returned by the engine.

2. Advertising campaigns and announcements.

Direct and / or geo-localized marketing activity that allows for immediate results, but with a cost for each visitor who enters the website. Adwords Campaigns are one of the best advertising tools of the future, they allow you to get your website among the top search results in a very short time.

3. Google Business Page.

Our agency takes care of creating, updating and managing the dedicated company page in Google Business and Google Maps, in order to be found even more easily through the most famous and widespread search engine. You need to make your presentation functional and optimized to allow your customers to find you.

4. Social media.

Social media are increasingly important to create awareness. Your business needs to be known in the area. It is important to follow guidelines to ensure that your social profile is unique and thus makes your product irresistible. Rely on professionals who will set the profiles making them optimized and aesthetically attractive.