Professional, tailored, expandable and easy to manage.

Tailor-made websites, optimized for Google and Mobile in Lugano and Zurich.

We create tailor-made websites: professional, expandable through additional modules, with which you can choose the main starting functions at will. Our smart approach saves costs on unsolicited or unnecessary features, allowing you to significantly increase the efficiency of the budget available for the project. Our passion for the web and experience allow us to make the most of the latest technologies available today. We create your website in a short time but without sacrificing functionality and quality. All websites are optimized for Google and responsive for Mobile.

Main features of our smart websites:

  • Free domain included.
  • First annual management fee included.
  • Business hosting in certified Swiss datacenter.
  • Basic optimization for Google included.
  • Quick registration and activation in 24h.
  • Professional email included in the domain (e.g.

Professional websites, easy to manage.

We create professional websites using a modern and innovative customized content management system (CMS) that can also be easily modified by the end user through a reserved area with user and password. For example: insertion and modification of texts, images, news, products etc. This innovative system, currently very widespread, allows to reduce the costs of website creation and future maintenance.

Additional functions.

The modularity of this solution offers the possibility to add features and functionality to our websites as needed, even afterwards. For example an eCommerce module, an online booking system, an advanced video and media gallery, a newsletter system, a modern blog, one or more additional languages with the multilingual module, etc.

Graphics and design.

The style, the design, the colors of the corporate websites are chosen based on the argument, the client’s preferences and under the advice of the graphic designers who will carry out the project, as their experience is dedicated to guaranteeing the best visual, technical and functional result. The best graphic themes suitable for the website will also be considered in the proposal and, as an option, it will be possible to choose a completely customized and tailor-made graphic.

Add operations with add-on modules.

The additional modules of our tailor-made smart websites offer the possibility to choose or add, even later, extra features and operations based on the real needs of the project, optimizing the available budget.

Multilingual module.

It is possible to integrate the complete and professional translation of all the contents of the site in any language in the world.

News / Blog module.

The professional news and bloggin module makes it extremely easy to create and insert constantly updated content in the website.

Newsletter module.

Module dedicated to email marketing, advanced statistics and the possibility of knowing if your emails are received and / or opened by subscribers.

Advanced statistics.

Thanks to the advanced statistics activated by our professionals, you will have user data on the monitor at any time.


Your domain holds a very important aspect, but let’s start from the beginning. For the creation of websites there are steps to be respected, which by now any web agency or web designer is able to offer. Services such as:

1. Domain registration
2. Creation of email boxes
3. Web space with granted speed and reliability
4. Development of a static and responsive mobile quality website
5. Creation of a dynamic website with use of databases and management of contents via the web
6. Indexing on search engines and management of visitor statistics
7. Positioning on search engines

A website can be created by budgeting a tailor-made project or, in most cases, using open-source platforms. If this were the choice, remember that to use software such as WordPress, Joomla or Prestashop there are no monthly or annual subscriptions. These CMS are free, easy to install and have no license costs, so be wary. On the contrary, in most cases, the costs of a quality hosting service cannot be understood if it is part of a professional and high-performance infrastructure.

Try to understand what you really need, so that you will better understand an estimate for your website. Who inserts a thousand functions at 500 CHF, will almost certainly install them with a few clicks and regardless of security and, moreover, it will hurt your site because, above all, it must be found and optimized for a good ranking on Google!

Would you like to have a website that allows you to be able to modify it without calling the web agency or the professional every time? Waiting for someone to update us and pay for the time spent making changes can in most cases be amortized with minimal intervention by you. Well, if this is your necessity, the choice will have to fall on the budget for a dynamic business website. Naturally the web agency, if it has the appropriate skills, will also be able to provide you with a website that has dedicated graphics engines, which will allow you to change the appearance of your website with a few clicks.

It will be your image on the web and it must be beautiful. But what matters most is that it must represent you at its best, so never rely on the first one that happens but carefully select each quote.

We always think of getting an estimate for a website full of a thousand functions and sometimes without even knowing if they are really useful. We want the Facebook button, the Instagram account integrated in the website, but also a slide of images and then also a moving text. Well, know that all these functions deeply burden the website, as well as not being considered in the least by the user, they lead to penalties on performance! Probably most of these utilities are useless and, while we think they may be interesting for us, they are also sometimes annoying and inconvenient for the visitor. A quality, essential, clean, fast company website accompanied by a good dose of structured web marketing strategy is often more than satisfactory.

In addition to the subsequent web marketing activities, which are often budgeted together with the realization, if the new website will be the replacement of an old one, an accurate analysis of the SEO performance of the previous one and how well it was performing is important. This will allow you not only to understand what the current problems are and how to solve them in the new project, but, above all, they will play as an indication of a properly built website. It is very important to remember that in a hypothetical site restyling, if the old one performs in terms of ROI (return of investment), this can and must be analyzed very carefully (with the item specified in the web quote) in order to be able to replicate or improve the conversion capabilities through the new design.

Whoever integrates the indexing of the site as an additional expense, is robbing you. The indexing of your website on Google is now standard practice and above all automated directly by Google, and can be done with a few clicks of the mouse. Of course, indexing must not be confused with website optimization or positioning and, in any case, the project must always be carried out with the positioning in mind, regardless of the graphic result you want to obtain.