Speedy pizza.

The pizzeria with home delivery n ° 1 in Lugano

A 360 ° project that includes eCommerce, photo shoot, app and social media.


Online sales system.

The eCommerce is specially customized according to the specific requests. Speedypizza offers the possibility to create your own pizza, choosing between size, dough and a wide range of additional ingredients. In addition, the eCommerce has been updated stylistically, with new colors, always very bright as in their style and a new custom background.


Stand out.

How to enhance a home delivery business of pizzas and sandwiches? With a great photo shoot! Photos are the main element through which to enhance and make the product unique. The customer knows exactly what to expect, how the sandwiches, pizzas and first courses are composed. He thus has the possibility to choose something real and tangible through the eCommerce. Furthermore, by entering “virtually” inside the laboratory, through the photographs of the spaces, the distances dictated by the delivery dissolve and the same empathy that can be created with take away services is generated.


Be accessible.

The watchword of our contemporaneity is accessibility. A product or service that is aesthetically beautiful but uncomfortable to use will not achieve any success. So, what can be the development of a complex online sales system? An application! Downloadable from both the Apple library and the Android library with a simple click. What could be more convenient than always having the application of your favorite delivery at hand?


Make yourself known.

Its online presence is the result of various ongoing actions. Among the different tools that can be used to be present and to be known, there are social networks, useful for creating connections and for keeping customers and potential customers informed of their news. You have to look for your own style to make yourself recognizable and remain faithful to your identity.